Bond Street Co., Ltd.

Internet Data center & Bitcoin Mining Farm Service (Provided License TEL1/2565/001)

We currently have one of the largest bitcoin mining services in Thailand. There is a service to co-location and take care of bitcoin mining machines. It has received a license from the NBTC and plans to provide data center services with a focus on Blockchain customers.

Services to act as an intermediary in digital asset trading. (Pending license)

The company aims to be a licensed digital asset exchange business that can provide both Cryptocurrency and Digital Token, and can also keep the user’s digital assets with the company itself without using the services of a 3rd party company.

ICO Portal & Payment Gateway Service (Pending license)

The company aims to be a screener for ICOs whether they are legal in Thailand or not. and provide consulting services For those who want to issue digital tokens can help screen, examine, assess, manage, provide necessary information For those who want to issue digital tokens including the sale of coins to the general public

Other related services (Pending license)

We aim to be an additional service provider related to various payment gateway systems covering most of the services that can compete well in the Thai financial market.

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