BsBOX L2 for S19jPro/S19XP 100 Units

BsBOX L2 for S19jPro/S19XP 100 Units

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BsBOX L2 for S19jpro/S19XP 100 Units
Bitcoin mining container Thailand stock,
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$40500/unit MOQ 1 container.
*Pre-order Shipping in 30days
*Please contact for wholesale price.

BsBox L2 For storing ready-made bitcoin miners. Easy to installed,
everyone can be the owner bitcoin mining within 1 month.
Functions of BsBox L2 cabinet Supports 100 pcs. S19XX Bitcoin Miners A complete set of electrical systems (excluding transformers) to support electric-powered bitcoin miners. 1500kva(3set) 40-foot container completef modify and increase strength. Airflow + Evap ventilation system for supported 100 units of S19XX Telecommunication system for 100 S19XX units Emergency fire alarm and fire extinguishing system 100 units of S19XX Using Cloud System, Bitcoin Mining Management Software Cloud usage, performance reports and bitcoin mining overview. Autometic close/open system with electric shutters when the outside wind speed exceeds 80 km / h or it’s pouring rain over limit the electric shutters will close immediatly. Double security door system assign scan by fingerprint enter – exit. Sensors for check Temperature, Smoke, Wind speed, Rainfall, Humidity, water level, Voltage, Fan speed of the cabinet. There is a sound absorbing panel to reduce noise. Fingerprint scanning system, CCTV, anti-theft and others.
Price 1.xx million baht  


Antminer S19XP 140TH $5xxx
Antminer S19jPro 104TH $2xxx
Antminer S19Pro 110TH $2xxx
Antminer S19XPHydro 250TH $1xxxx (MOQ195Unit)
Antminer L7 9500M $1xxxx
Antminer L7 9050M $1xxxx
Antminer L7 8800M $1xxxx
Whatsminer M30S 100T $2xxx
Whatsminer M30S++ 108T $2xxx
Whatsminer M30S+++ 110T $2xxx
Goldshell KD5 24.5T $4xxx
Goldshell KD6 25.5T $4xxx

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